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You Can Make Your Nose Smaller Using a Toothpaste! Yes, it is true!

Toothpaste to make your nose look smaller

Some girls don’t like their nose. Especially if they are broad and fleshy. They believe that a fat nose mars their beauty. In fact, the actresses go for the expensive surgeries to get the nose size they desire for. But these surgeries are out of reach for a common man. But did you know that you can reduce your nose size with the help of a toothpaste? Home remedies have a solution for almost every problem we suffer from.

Yes, it is true that you can get your dreamlike nose by using this home remedy. And the best part is, that you don’t have to go through extreme pain for all this.

Here are the things you need to prepare this DIY:
1 teaspoon toothpaste

1 teaspoon ginger powder

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

DIY toothpaste to make nose smaller

How to Prepare this DIY?
1. Take the above-mentioned ingredients and mix them in a bowl.

2. Take a facial brush and apply this mixture on your nose evenly.

3. Leave the mixture on your nose for 30 minutes.

4. Rinse your nose with cold water. You can also dip a cotton pad in apple cider vinegar and use it to wipe your nose. Wash your nose with cold water.

5. Do this everyday unfailingly until you get the desired results. If done regularly, you will notice the difference in just 10 days.

Please note that you will experience some burning sensation on your nose due to the ginger powder. But if the burning sensation is beyond endurance, then wash it off with cold water. Reduce the quantity of ginger water next time.

September 15, 2019 |

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