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Not all makeup are the same !


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“Mom how do I look?”

“Sweety! what’s that on your cheeks?”

You rush to a mirror and notice a large red patch on your skin all because of that makeup you recently purchased from a store. Now the option you have is to throw that makeup away (money wasted) and treat that horrible red patch as soon as possible.

Makeup – everything from eyeliners to mascara, blushes to lipsticks- can help you feel on top of your game but keep in mind they are all not the same although we always have a wide variety and choices as far as our eyes can reach but don’t let each product blind you because they can also cause irritated skin, watery eyes, swelling and infection or any other allergic reactions.

Symptoms can start right after you use something new or after years of using a product with no problems.

We also face allergic reactions towards the attractive title “natural ingredient”. For instance, lanolin extracted from sheep wool is an ingredient in many moisturizers and a common cause of contact dermatitis.Not all makeup are the same.If a friend tells you about a product doesn’t mean you go and try it out. We all have different skins that we have to look at.

I am going to provide you some recommendations as to which product and how could you save your precious skin.

  1. ALWAYS! I repeat always Wash your hands and your face before applying makeup.
  2. NEVER use anyone else’s cosmetics. Sharing cosmetics means sharing germs and you wouldn’t want that.
  3. STOP using whatever’s causing the reaction right away (some of us think that maybe next time it won’t happen again).
  4. LOOK for products with the fewest ingredients. This will lower your chance of a reaction.
  5. NO GUARANTEE for products with labels that says “hypoallergenic,” “dermatology tested,” “sensitivity tested,” or “non- irritating,” Don’t expect these products to be kind to your skin. Some companies do the testing, other’s doing.
  6. TEST a small amount on your inner wrist before buying an eye shadow.
  7. CAREFULLY look at the fonts used on the product packaging. They can often slightly different in size from fonts used on the genuine article.
  8. NOTICE any difference in the color of the packaging.
  9. SCAN the packaging and the product for a batch number- it should be printed on the base or there will be an imprint on the box.
  10. ONLINE purchasing should be made sure that it is from a licensed seller.

 There is no harm in taking precautions and I am sure none of us ladies want a permanent tattoo of red patches on our rosy cheeks.Right?

 Did you know: In one FDA survey, up to 25% of people said they had a skin reaction to at least one beauty product.

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