I Swear by This 4-Step Nighttime Skin Routine for Clear Skin

Cultivating your skin routine

As a skin care enthusiast, there’s nothing better than unwinding after a long day and pampering my skin. And because our skin cells regenerate in the evening, this is prime time to focus on restoring it.

I personally have acne-prone skin after years of teenage pimples. To combat this, my routine focuses on maintaining my skin barrier and treating acne and the hyperpigmentation aftermath. And since I’ve hit my mid-20s, I’ve added preventive anti-aging products to try and avoid premature wrinkles.

For my nighttime skin care, my basic routine looks like this:

  • cleanse
  • treat
  • hydrate
  • moisturize

While I stick to this routine daily, I do switch the products from time to time, depending on how my skin is feeling on that particular day. I also like to keep my routine fun but mindful — read more about this below.

If you’re looking for a bit of skin care inspo, check out my four-step nighttime routine.

Step 1: Cleanse

To start off, I always make sure that I’m working with a properly cleansed face. Cleansing is very important but often overlooked. Removing all the excess dirt and sebum from our face is crucial for the next step of our skin care routine to absorb and work better. I personally like the idea of double cleansing. Here’s the breakdown:

Oil cleanser

Whenever I’m using any base makeup product — think BB cream, foundation, or concealer — I like to start by removing them with an oil cleanser. I found this step is the easiest and gentlest way to melt off all the base makeup from my face.

I apply the oil cleanser on dry skin while giving it a little massage, and finish by rinsing it off with water. I then move on to the next cleansing step.

My pick: Bonair Blue Smoother cleansing oil

Water-based cleanser

On days where I don’t wear any makeup, I’ll jump right to this step. One thing to remember is that this product should be gentle, shouldn’t irritate your eyes, and shouldn’t leave your skin feeling tight and dry. It should rinse off easily and effectively remove dirt and grime from your skin.

Regardless of whether the cleanser is in gel, foam, or milk form, as long as it’s checked off the above criteria, you’re good to go.

My pick: Dr. G pH cleansing gel foam

Cleansing pro tips

  • When you’re trialing your cleanser for the first time, test out the product’s performance by wiping your face with a cotton pad after you rinse your face to see if there’s any residue left behind.
  • After rinsing, I prefer to tap off excess water gently on my face instead of using a towel. But if you prefer the latter, remember to hang your towel out to dry in an open space with adequate air circulation, not inside your closet or bathroom. You should also try and expose them to UV light once in a while if you can to help kill bacteria.

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