How to Treat Acne in 5 Min, Overnight, or Holistically for Life

When acne decides to hold a pop-up on your face, breathe…

There are few things as unwelcome as the arrival of a blemish-to-be. We’ve all experienced acne more than once, yet that doesn’t mean we’re ever less surprised when a zit decides to take up residence again.

Breathe — it’s okay.

As the most common skin condition in the United States, you and everyone you know has likely all dealt with a zit (or 20) before. This stat doesn’t mean Love Your Acne — it’s more of a reminder that anyone who makes you feel bad about having it is wrong.

Your pimples don’t have personality — you do, and your personality is what makes your face lovely to look at!

Still, we get it, you’re going to want to pop. So before you do so, read our round up of the cleanest — in order of the quickest — ways you can treat blackheads, whiteheads, and cysts.

And whatever method you end up trying, remember that these fixes aren’t meant to be treating your whole face, but for the one to two surprise pimples. For chronic acne, jump to learning about long-term strategies so you can minimize the blemishes after they’ve cleared up.

Treatments that work in 30 min or less

1. Pimple cover up: under 1 minute

There’s no blemish that a dab of cover up can’t hide.

Use green concealer to hide any potential redness, or salmon/orange concealer to counteract the blues hues on darker skin. For lighter or smaller acne, just skin-colored concealer might do for a smooth cover up.

When applying, remember this: use proper lighting, make sure you have a small brush for tiny cover ups, and keep a blending sponge for a completely silky finish.

Skin tip: In order to find your perfect makeup match — and to protect against possible skin allergies — always test out the product on your skin before use. If you don’t wear makeup enough to justify a pot, consider looking for sample packs or braving a day without cover up. You might realize how little other people notice.

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