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How to Rain-and-Snow-proof your Look


How to Rain-and-snow-proof Your Look

I would love to take shower in the rain. No, not because there is no water supply at my home but because rain has its own natural beauty and instead of enjoying it we hide under the roofs. Most of us fail to avail this natural blessing because we don’t want to end up looking as if we are going to star in a horror movie. Mascara running down our face , makeup smudged, clothes wet, hair dirty, are the factors that we face when we try to go in snow, walk in windy streets or simply just to enjoy the rain. Looking good in soggy conditions takes more effort. Here’s how you can shield your looks against these ruiners.

Switch to waterproof mascara and liner. If it’s windy or misty, you’re bound to get some moisture on your face, and you don’t want to show up at a meeting of for a date with dried rivulets of eye makeup on your cheeks. Looking out for good products is essential.

Carry tissues to dry your face and hair if they get wet. If you can’t get to a mirror, dab and blot-don’t wipe your face or you will end up with makeup streaks.

Use less hair product. Even with an umbrella, the ends of your hair may get damp, and excess product will weight it down even more, making you look like a wet puppy. Carry a travel-size aerosol hairspray in your bag for quick touch-ups when you get inside. Avoid mist hairsprays, which deposit more liquid and can make your hair limp in high humidity.

For the best protection from rain and wind, you need more than an umbrella. Try using a lightweight scarf to protect your hair and face- you won’t have to worry about losing a hat, and your hairdo won’t get mashed.

Follow these tips and say hello to the beauty of nature.

January 31, 2013 |

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