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Step One

Stand still or up right with your head straight and your shoulders freely falling.

Step Two

Tilt your head over to the left shoulder but lightly for 10 seconds and do the same to the right shoulder.

How to have a longer neck

Step Three

Fall your head to the back and be able to look to the ceiling for ten seconds and do the same with your head facing the floor.

after the entire workout, roll your head around.

Repeat the entire work out 2-3 times and you may do it through out the day any time you feel your neck is tense. If done properly every day, you should begin noticing a relatively longer neck after about a week and as time goes on, you will be able to lengthen you neck.

Step Four

Keep your spine in an upright position, with your shoulders still and your head up. Twist your neck gently with the

chin towards your right shoulder. Hold the stretch while keeping the chin clear above the shoulder. And do the same for the left side.

Sitting Neck Flexion Stretch

neck flexion

Sit in a chair, with your arms rested on your thighs . Let your head fall forward

gently and lean your body slightly backward. Do not overstretch the muscle by forcing your head down. Relax and let the weight of your head do the stretching for you which will elongate your neck in the process.

Neck Strengthening Exercises

After lengthening your neck, you may realise that it will become loose and thinner. That is, the muscles will become longer but weak.

Muscle length gains are greatest immediately after stretching and decline within 15 minutes that is why You may need to make them stronger and build them up immediately after the stretches .

why you should strengthen your neck muscles.

Weak neck, and upper back muscles may lead to increased pressure on the pine in the neck and shoulder regions thus resulting into neck pain.
Strengthening the neck muscles not only improves posture, it also helps to keep the head perfectly erect.

This is what you need to do;

neck strengthening

Exercise One

Join your fingers and place them at the back of your head tightly with head facing down. push your head up while

resisting with your hands.

Make up to ten repetitions. This exercise can be performed

any where any time.


Exercise Two

Sit on your bed or on a lower seat, roll up a towel and place it at the back of your head with the head facing down.

Push your head up while strongly resisting it with the towel.

Do five to ten repetitions.

how to relax neck muscles

Shoulder shrugs

Conclude your set of neck exercises by relaxing the neck and  shoulder

muscles with shoulder shrugs  immediately after the stretches for optimal results.

Start by looking straight forward,  then gently raise both shoulders as shown in picture.

Hold for 5 seconds, then return to starting position. Do 10 repetitions rapidly to relax your muscles around the neck and shoulder.

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