Home Remedies for Dry Scalp

7. Mashed bananas

Bananas are nourishing and moisturizing, making them a great treatment for dry scalp and even dandruff. In addition to being moisturizing, they’re a natural antimicrobialTrusted Source, and the two benefits combined can help clear up your dry scalp. (Plus, they’re delicious).

How to use: Mash or blend a banana with a few tablespoons of coconut or olive oil. Blending it will make it easier to rinse out of your hair. Massage it into your scalp and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

8. Yogurt and egg

Though this may sound like a breakfast gone wrong, yogurt and eggs both have unique benefits that can relieve dry scalp. Yogurt is soothing on the skin and can also be exfoliating, while the fat and protein content in eggs can nourish and protect the scalp by preventingTrusted Source against free radical damage at the cellular level.

How to use: Use a few tablespoons of plain, unflavored yogurt with no added sugar and mix in one well-beaten egg. Massage it into your hair and scalp, and wait 10 minutes before washing it out. Rinse out the mixture with lukewarm or cold water, or the egg may cook and be much more difficult to remove from your hair.

9. Jojoba oil

Like coconut oil, jojoba oil can be an effective moisturizerTrusted Source, which can relieve dry scalp quickly. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that may treat skin conditions affecting the scalp.

Where to buy? Jojoba oil can be found in stores and online, often in liquid form.

How to use: To use it for dry scalp, you can add a few drops of jojoba oil to your shampoo. This will allow for regular hydration and prevent your shampoo from drying out your scalp further.

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