6 Shower Hacks for Spa-Worthy Skin, Hair, and Moods

DIY aromatherapy steam bath for clearer skin


Imagine being able to step into your own personal aromatherapy spa every time you shower. Truth is, it’s not too hard to recreate the calming experience in your shower. Besides clearing congestion, reducing stress, and improving circulation, steam is used to open pores making it easier to cleanse dirt and bacteria. Add some naturally fragrant plants and you’re honing in on the healing benefits of aromatherapy — a practice that is now recognized by the U.S. State Boards of Nursing as a legitimate form of holistic nursing.

Not to mention, your shower becomes perfect Instagram material. Here’s how: Next time you’re at a farmer’s market or local florist, ask if they have any organic lavender for relaxation, eucalyptus for decongestion, or rosemary for stimulation.

To try: Secure the bunch from your showerhead using wire and steam away. Instagrammer, Lee Tilghman (@leefromamerica) says she keeps her bunch for about a month until their scent runs out, then replaces.

Enhancing your cleansing routine can seem like a luxurious moment of self-care, but it’s not an indulgence — how you care for your body is a reflection on the state of your health, including your mind. Under the shower head, you’re literally sloughing off the dirt, the grime, the stress, and preparing a brand new, refreshed you to take on the day. If all it takes for glowing skin and clarity of mind is a eucalyptus plant, or 30 seconds of cold water, then why not spend a little time hacking your shower?

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