6 Shower Hacks for Spa-Worthy Skin, Hair, and Moods

Clear mind, clear skin, upgraded you

The feeling of hot water raining down on your tired muscles can be a form of relaxing meditation, especially after a long day of work or a night of sleep. Whether blankly standing under hot water or getting in a few quick scrubs before work (no judgment here), we’re pretty confident you’re already doing showering right — even five minutes under the shower head is the perfect amount of time to regroup and refresh.

So make the most out of your cleansing routine with these lush but simple tips. It doesn’t take much to make your skin, hair, and mind feel brand new.

Dry brush for detoxification

While there are no scientific studies done on dry brushing (yet), wellness experts and skincare professionals alike tote the benefits of dry brushing for two to five minutes before a shower. The process removes dead skin cells (which is important for cell turnover and regeneration) and invigorates the skin, possibly temporarily reducing cellulite. And according to Mariska Nicholson, founder of the sustainable, nontoxic, oil-based beauty company Olive + M, it helps detox the lymphatic system, just like a massage. A quick reminder: The lymphatic system has many important jobs, including distributing fluid and nutrients through the body and removing toxins.

“Dry brushing the skin in long strokes towards the heart helps stimulate the sweat glands and open pores, which release toxins often trapped by antiperspirant and lack of exercise,” explains Gloria Gilbere, PhD, CPD, ND. “The hard bristles may leave your skin a bit red at first, but after your shower, it’ll have a rosy glow and a supple feel to the touch.”

To try: Tackle those skin cells with this natural brush, which is made from boar bristles. Don’t share this with your friends or significant others though — dry brushing removes so much dead skin, you’ll want to keep this to yourself.

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