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4 things u should avoid in periods


Don’t Use a Douche

Molinaro warns against using douches to cleanse yourself during your period, and using it as a method of hygiene altogether. “In general, douching is not a necessary practice and can disturb the normal microorganisms of the vagina, leading to infections,” he explains. Don’t Use Cleansers With Artificial Fragrance

Do not use:

Using soaps, sprays, or creams with perfumes can also cause vaginal irritation and should be avoided,” says Molinaro. “If you have a strong vaginal odor, it is best to see your gynecologist in case there is an infection or imbalance that can be treated.

Get A Wax

“As if a bikini wax wasn’t torture enough try doing it while you have your period — double trouble!” says Jaime Knopman, MD over email. “Your pain receptors are extra heightened and your skin extra sensitive when you have your period. Add to that a pretty messy situation and waxing while on your period is not something you should do.”

Drink A Lot Of Coffee

There’s nothing like a morning cup of coffee, but if it’s that time of the month, you might want to temporarily skip your latte. Caffeine can worsen discomfort from cramps and bloating, as it constricts blood vessels, which can worsen menstrual cramps, according to Livestrong.

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