17 Beauty Tips Women 50+ Have for Their 20-Year-Old Self

Skip the cigs

“Don’t smoke. Ever. Quit! It’s so bad for your skin and teeth.” — Bell

Verified: The substances in cigarettes cause your skin to dry out, which leads to premature aging. And it can cause your teeth to yellow, which can make you look older.

Eat more and eat raw

“I wish I had known the impact diet would have on my future health and aging. I always say, ‘If I had known in my 20s what I learned in my 40s, I would look like I was 10 today.’ I wish I had started eating more raw food soon. I truly think adding more raw foods to my diet has given me an edge, more energy, and reduce overall inflammation. Plus, it helps me maintain a healthy weight.” — Carol Alt, 58

Verified: A raw diet is focused in fruits and vegetables, which science has shown to help with heart health, weight maintenance, and digestion. It never hurts to eat more raw vegetables and whole foods if you’re not already, but don’t go too far in one direction. A raw vegan diet increases your risk for being nutritionally unbalanced.

Try a clean skin care routine

“I am a breast cancer survivor as well as a September 11th widow. I have been through trauma in my life, but I live my life healthfully and peacefully and I am always told how young I look for my age. I think the reason is that I use skin care with clean ingredients, which help add brightness and clarity to my complexion.” — Meryl Marshall, 60

Verified: Clean beauty is a buzzword that’s making rounds in the industry, but what does it mean? It basically comes down to being “non-toxic” and often “all-natural.” For many, it’s a safe indicator that a product won’t irritate their skin. However, these terms aren’t regulated by the FDA, so it’s important to do your research before adding a product to your shopping cart.

Drink more water

“I aim to drink a gallon of water each day. It plumps up my skin and gives me more energy.” — Tracee Gluhaich, 53

Verified: Drinking enough water is one of the best ways to get your body running optimally. It can help relieve constipation and get waste out of your body faster, prevent dehydrated skin to help maintain your glow, and more.

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