17 Beauty Tips Women 50+ Have for Their 20-Year-Old Self

From putting toothpaste on a zit to snoozing with a face full of foundation and thinking a placid expression would keep us young, we’ve all done good and bad things to our skin, thinking it didn’t matter in the long run.

Well, the long run is here! Below, women in their 50s and older share their skin and beauty wisdom.

Take your makeup off before bed

“I’m a trained aesthetician. My advice has always been to never go to bed with makeup on, otherwise your pores will be clogged and your face will look dirty and puffy when you wake up. Learned that the hard way!” — Darlene Tenes, 55

Verified: Cleansing off the day’s makeup and pollution can reduce irritation, which can age or irritate your skin. One case study last year found that 25 years of inadequate mascara removal can lead to major irritation.

Let your happiness shine

“Everyone always tells me that I look young for my age. I think it’s just because I’m always smiling and laughing. The happier you appear, the younger you look! I wasted too many years in my life not smiling.” — Ann Wolinsky, 64

Verified: There’s no need to shy away from crow’s feet! Wrinkles are known to show our overall disposition, and if the crinkles appear because of our smiles, then a permanent marker of our happiness is all the better.

Your skin care routine doesn’t have to be expensive

“Skin care products don’t have to be fancy or pricey! I make my own face washes and lotions using essential oils and other natural, plant-based products. For instance, I made my daily moisturizer by combining organic, unrefined coconut oil and lavender essential oil.” — Jill Lebofsky, 49

Verified: A skin care routine that’s out of your budget isn’t a routine for you. Likewise, everyone has a different approach and tolerance to popular ingredients.

Evidence around coconut oil for skin is mixed, as coconut oil is comedogenic — meaning it can clog pores and cause acne, blackheads, or whiteheads. When it’s mixed with lavender essential oil, it may be able to help fight inflammation and wounds as well. Experiment with your routine, but always remember to patch test.

Try an armpit detox

“I do an armpit detox at least once a year to […] stop the stink. I find this increases the efficacy of natural deodorants so I don’t have to use more toxic deodorants. Who wouldn’t want their deodorant to be more effective?” — Lebofsky

Verified: Armpit detoxes may be able to help with smells and deodorant buildup, but if you’re looking for a surefire answer about efficacy, there’s none at the moment. However, we find the matter of sweat to be a personal matter — when it comes to feeling the pits, a mask might be just want you need.

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